What flags are there in the universe? Only a lot, to much to count. The challengers are learning about the flags of the world with our pen palls. Where learning about the flags of defeat, winning, and countries, and many many more. This is quite a good work and hard work. There is a lot about flags many people don’t know about, so we try to learn about it to tell many people who dont know and need to know. This is the “challenger” near you.

“Who’s that baby?”

One of our favorite moments our the “Who’s that baby?” It’s a very fun challenge in room 30. This challenge is fun and educational.

We have to guess the baby of other classmates. We have to do look at the baby pictures and we guess the baby picture. At the end Mrs. Vazquez tell us to stand up if it’s your baby picture.The winner gets a baby bottle with starburst.