GUYS I’M DOING THE POETRY CONTEST YAY!!! But i dont know if this poem is any good can you guys comment and see if it is good or do i need to make changes

My Old Friend by Breezi My old friend When will i see you again? You came and went But never stayed when i begged So i cried and cried but it never solved Until i heard a tragedy that happend in your presets And now your gone Wait for me there and it will be soon We will one day Look down from the sky and have a great day.

Is it any good guys I dont know So please comment and wish me luck to win 500 dolors!!!!


My class are doing Book clubs. If you dont know what a book club is well it is where a lot of people who read the same book but stop at a page then when everyone is at that page you guys discuss. You sometimes have to take notes. Their are many many good books out their that you just dont know that are out their. So if you find one collect them and start a book club, it could even just be you and a partner!! So tell your teacher and ask if you can do a book club and then if you want show them this post.