You know how almost a lot of classes have class pets, well our class hatched baby chickens and there just adorable. We our taking care of them, but one almost died when it was hatching. It looks better now but it didn’t before. Mrs.Vazquez our teacher took coconut oil and help it survive. The baby chicken looks better now, we love our chickens they are the challenger chickens. This is out of my opinion but i think that the chick that almost died should be called risky, I think it should be called that because it was a risk if that it would die or not and one of the legs broke but he is walking and everything so i think it should be called risky.

About the population of animals.

Key Deer are gonna be extinct if we keep hunting for them. Some key dear have white spots on their backs and some dont they just look like regular deer but some look like that deer of of Bambi. These deer are the most endangered then the rest of the deer. Why? Well because of their hide. Their hide is beautiful and soft like a blanket so they take that stuff and make rugs pillows and blankets. And some prediters do this aswell but not to do it for fun to survive. So as i say please dont hurt these helpless animals, save them, dont hurt them make them where they can live.


My book club book!!

My book club book is all about these 2 kids and the world and how their gonna make a difference. This book is called “Among the hidden” This book is about a boy named Luke, and how he is a shadow child and how meets a girl named Jen a shadow child that is like himself. Read the book and you will know more.

Tundra Challenge.

In this class we are doing the tundra challenge where in states in the artic circle. This is where you have to find clues solve answers and do math. Then you will find the secret code. Then you will get a life changing PRIZE!!!! Me and my partner Griffon are partners. You can have partners or you can work solo.

Monday Mile!!

There is a  thing in my class called Monday Mile. Every Monday we run the mile, we do 4 laps around our big track and we count our time. Our teacher has a stop watch and when we are done with 4 laps she tells us our time. I’m a pretty slow runner myself but the rest of the class they can go miles and miles and wouldn’t stop cuz its fun. But sometimes you ca just walk the mile but you have to walk really fast so you can be done on time. The track is hard work just dont give up.