Cinco de mayo

Cinco de mayo is a national Mexican holiday. Right next to the “Day of the dead” or what they call it “Dia de los muertos.” My class is going to meteer to help the kids learn about the holiday and why its so great. But their are some facts you probably never knew about this holiday. like how contrary to popular belief, Cinco de mayo is not Mexico’s independence day. Mexican independence is celebrated Sept.16. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de mayo may be all fun and games for everyone they may think it is just a holiday for no reason. But its much more then that.

Quotes…What is so good about them?

Quotes…What is so good about them? Well all quotes have a meaning, and some have a even bigger one. It can connect with your life or has happend in your life. But why do we use them….That is a question no one can answer. And why do we make the quotes? Well to inspire people and bring hope in them, it makes people happy sometimes, it makes people wonder and think, it makes people laugh and happy, and it touches their heart. Quotes are one of the most amazing things in the world, but why are they so amazing? Well your gonna have to find out yourself.


GUYS I’M DOING THE POETRY CONTEST YAY!!! But i dont know if this poem is any good can you guys comment and see if it is good or do i need to make changes

My Old Friend by Breezi My old friend When will i see you again? You came and went But never stayed when i begged So i cried and cried but it never solved Until i heard a tragedy that happend in your presets And now your gone Wait for me there and it will be soon We will one day Look down from the sky and have a great day.

Is it any good guys I dont know So please comment and wish me luck to win 500 dolors!!!!


My class are doing Book clubs. If you dont know what a book club is well it is where a lot of people who read the same book but stop at a page then when everyone is at that page you guys discuss. You sometimes have to take notes. Their are many many good books out their that you just dont know that are out their. So if you find one collect them and start a book club, it could even just be you and a partner!! So tell your teacher and ask if you can do a book club and then if you want show them this post.


Social Contract in room 30!?!

WE JUST MADE A SOCIAL CONTRACT IN OUR CLASS ROOM!!!! Our class has to follow all of these expectations and when we dont and someone knows and see’s they call a foul. These are the expectations, kindly, respectful, understood, fair, worthy, be included, humor, take ownership, listen to others idea’s, encouraging. Then when we all agree with these rules we sine are name on the paper and then we follow these expectations.

Orbiting Jupiter letter WARNING: Spoiler alert!!!

Dear Jupiter…


Your dad was the best you know, one of the best. I’m sad that you couldn’t meet him, and you couldn’t meet your mother. But in this family you’ll grow happy and strong always looking out for people like your father. Having their back when they need it. You’ll be a wonderful pretty brave and strong girl as you get to grow up and learn about your father and mother, and how they drifted apart. Joseph acted just like my friend shyanne she is one of my best friends ever, she always has my back in tough times. She looks out for me and helps me when i feel not worth it in this world. But she made sure I was alright and safe. Jupiter you have the most wonderful family now, they will take care of you.


Sincerely “Breezi”

This was my letter to Jupiter in the story “Orbiting Jupiter” p.s. THIS STORY CONTANES HEART BREAKING MOMENTS 🙁